Modify email template link


I have a workflow created so that when a record is created, the appropriate users are emailed the details of the record and a link to that record.

This issue I have is that the $url variable within the email template defaults to the domain address instead of the address of the server on which SuiteCRM is installed. I have seen other posts on this forum about modifying the domain address via code (editing site_url within the config.php file) but I do not have access to these files and am limited to admin tools within the program.

Is there any way to manually specify the domain address within an email template?

Thanks in advance

If the url only has the basic site domain, you can put it in as a constant, not as a variable. But probably it’s including some stuff specific to the record (an “id”), so the answer is… no. You need to access that file. It’s part of the installation of SuiteCRM, you need to get that right…