Modify Dashlets

Hey Will,
a long time back we disabled the ability to modify dashlets, do you know where this option is? My Delete & Add button/tab is missing.

Thank You!

The code for add tabs/dashlets is in custom/include/MySugar/tpls/MySugar.tpl in 7.1.x and for the Suite7 theme in 7.2.

For the SuiteR theme, the page is in themes/SuiteR/tpls/MySugar.tpl



I think there is a permission in admin/config somewhere, I just cannot figure out where!

it has been removed since before we moved to suite from sugar.


This is not a setting I am aware of.

Can you provide some screen shots?

Have you tried resetting your homepage in your user(warning: this will reset dashlets)?




Think that in system settings,

Prevent user customizable Homepage layout:

is the answer to your problem.


V Barroso

I have reset the homepage, new users also are stuck with the default out of the box system.


Sorry for insisting, but for the look of your home page, the missing buttons are a consequence of selecting the tick box "Prevent user Customizable Homepage layout. (See attachment)

When this option is active, the buttons “Add Tab”, “Add Dashlets” and “Delete” are removed from the Homepage.


V Barroso

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not the same issue but maybe on topic, my end users are still unable to add dashlets with this error.

Warning: require_once( /html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory occurred in  /html/custom/include/MySugar/MySugar.php on line 150 [2015-03-23 17:00:39] display_stack_trace caller, file:  /html/include/utils.php line#: 3254