Modify Custom Module Permission

I have created a custom module, but need to add a security setting/role to its permissions. How do I do this?


I don’t know the answer, but maybe this will help you:

In general, the best way to Google for help with security issues in SuiteCRM is to Google for “Security Suite”, that’s the name of the add-on for SugarCRM that eventually was donated into the base SuiteCRM code. There’s still a paid Pro version also.

When I set up the custom module, it asked me to add the access. So updating Security Suite does not help, as the module is not even visible in the other roles to turn on or off their access.

My question is, more specifically, is there a way to add a Security Suite setting is not even established with that module after the fact?

Maybe somebody else can add some advice, I don’t know and I’m just guessing…

But that link seems to say that

  • there’s an easy way to link the new custom module with Security Suite Pro

  • there’s a difficult way to do it manually even without the Pro version, but it requires editing code

If you go here you can try to ask your question directly to the developer…