Modify account module

hello guys,
i want to implement the following in suitecrm and i want to know if it’s actually posible or if there is another way to implement it.
In the module accounts there are more than 100 accounts/clients.
But each of these clients are managed by different users in suitecrm
I want that when a user goes into the acccount module and see the list of clients , he should be able to know which client belongs tp which user. I thought about using a particular colour for different clients. Like for example all the clients written in red are for user X , all the clients written in blue are for user Y etc.
But i don’t really know if this is possible in suitecrm
If someone already tied this or has an alternative to this i will be very happy
Thanks :slight_smile:

you could simply use the “assigned to” field to manage who is in charge of which account. This field can be put on the listview (and the filter would make sense too).

From there, you can still add custom code to make your list customizations - but you can also have a look in the store, I found this addon quickly (was looking for “listview”):

I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds like what you’re looking for.

E: here is also a useful link (custom code only, no store addon):

Thanks for your reply
It’s better for me to work with the filter.