Modal pop up in suitecrm

Hi guys,
whats the easiest way to create a modal pop up in suite crm? Was implementing the following in footer.tpl but it never got to show the popup.

$(function () {
$("#popup_opener").click(function () {
dialog = new YAHOO.widget.Dialog(‘dialog1’, {
width: ‘400px’,
height: ‘400px’,
fixedcenter: “contained”,
visible: false,
draggable: true,
position: ‘absolute’,
close: false,
centered: true,

                // effect:[{effect:YAHOO.widget.ContainerEffect.SLIDE, duration:0.2},
                // {effect:YAHOO.widget.ContainerEffect.FADE,duration:0.2}],
                modal: true
            var bodyHtml = '<input type=\"button\" id=\"popup_opener\" value=\"Create Complaint\">';

Hi, try clean cache directory and repair.


Careful with that “clean the cache folder” advice! It’s not that simple.

This is a bit outdated, but gives you an idea of the problem:


Is true, in this case try to add the code, repair and then delete the cache of your browser.