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SuiteCRM, to be truly functional, needs a mobile component. Granted this isn’t specific to Suite (Sugar has the bias inherent I suppose), but it tends to limit functionality.

In 1997 I guess that mobile was a novelty. Today, mobile is the preferred choice for many professionals. We have a small company (4 people currently), 2 of which (owners) are traveling to see customers around town regularly. QuickCRM is certainly full-featured as an integration choice, but I don’t understand how mobile availability is really “value plus” today. It is, or should be, expected.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Hi Ander,

Thank you for your feedback. SuiteCRM is a new and promising fork which will thrive and grow with the community behind it. We encourage all contributions to the project, including ones such as mobile friendly user interfaces. QuickCRM works very well out of the box, hence why we use it as our mobile interface.



Hello Will,

But with the free version only viewing is possible…!

To create a record in SuiteCRM through QuickCRM mobile, we have to go with the commercial “Pro” version.


Hi Hamid,

Yes, this is correct. Currently QuickCRM is the main mobile functionality used in conjunction with SuiteCRM as SuiteCRM does not have a standalone mobile application.



Hi Will,

Thank you for your message.

I have just found RSugar (from Rolustech) which is for IOS & Android, and can create leads, etc. for free!!




In the longer term a fully reponsive theme might be available but right now we cant commit to that. :woohoo:

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If SA would update the current default theme to responsive bootstrap HTML5, SuiteCRM 7 would be so widely accessible that the user base would probably double or triple in a year.

Just to clarify, does this thread infer that the ‘official’ SugarCRM app will not work with SuiteCRM?

And if so, is the technical reason easily explained as it would be a valuable community dev project.

I was struggling with this as well. Noticed that this might be an Ajax issue. I tried disabling Ajax for some modules (Admin -> System Settings -> Configure AJAX User Interface), and I have not seen any issue with the page loading by default.

Please do note that this will slow things down as now we have to load the entire page, but if this is the primary use case (mobile access) and we don’t want to invest in another theme or wait till the default theme is fixed, it is an option.

Lastly, “Configure AJAX User Interface” is a link in small font on the System Settings page.


QuickCRM mobile is grossly overpriced.

I agree with ChrisC that a mobile responsive theme is a top priority and is the one feature that will allow SuiteCRM to scale beyond all expectations. The fundamental issue is that that sales people are on mobile. Companies will not invest in a CRM product that does not allow their salespeople to use the product on the road, and it is an unavoidably central selling point for CRM implementers like our company.

I cannot emphasize this enough. SuiteCRM will only scale to become a real competitor once it offers mobile out of the box. To my mind, this is the highest priority for SuiteCRM.

I would not say QuickCRM mobile is grossly overpriced, as it offers a host of features and support that warrant the license fees.

SuiteCRM 7.2 was released with a responsive Bootstrap 3.3.x theme.

If you think mobile is such a large issue, please contribute time/effort towards it being developed, as making demands will not progress anything.



Well, firstly, it is not myself saying that QuickCRM mobile is grossly overpriced - it is the people who write the cheques at my clients that say so, and say so vehemently.

And I would invite you to show me where I made demands.

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