Mobile business card reader for SuiteCRM


I am looking for a business card reader for SuiteCRM.

Does anyone know of a mobile application for iPhone?



Check out the Business Card Reader for Suite CRM
Currently available for android but developer promises that in two months they will released app for IOS.

Is there any update to this?
Can’t find a Business Card Reader for IOS > SuiteCRM anywhere!

Just got this message from MagnetOne!

“We need 2-3 weeks for testing and then will upload the program online”

Great news :slight_smile:

Hello to all, finally the business card scanner solution is on AppStore! I am so excited about it :woohoo: You can download it here =>

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

I installed on my iPhone but it keeps asking for google account login?

Hi drivevertical, this is needed for your user authentification and for the counting of your business recognition credits on the server B)

Yes I signed into Google and connected to my SuiteCRM!

Worked as aspected and went into my SuiteCRM in seconds

Great work :slight_smile: