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Is there a mobile app available for SuiteCRM on iOS and Android? I’m hosting on private server.



yes this might be what your are looking for:

Thanks. Is there another one to try? FREE, no support, no custom modules shown, etc. PAID, support, custom modules shown, etc.

I’ve tested the free version but uninstalled right away because of no custom modules shown, the paid version is not that expensive but we decided to develop one for our own, not pretty but functional according to our needs.

Can’t say anything about iOS.

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The interface looks good.

I’ve found SuiteMOB for iOS so will try that. Thanks.

just noticed that there’e a paid version for iOS

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Were you able to get the app “Sugar CRM” working?

I’ve tried entering the custom URL but I got “Server unavailable at the given URL” error message. Same as for “Can’t reach the server” using the “Single Sign-On” button.

at least in the Play Store there are two version of official apps from SugarCRM, the one called SugarCRM Mobile is free but it only works with the paid version of SugarCRM, not the community that SuiteCRM is based on. Then there’s the Sugar Mobile app, also from Sugar but is a very old version I don’t think that it will work with current SuiteCRM. Check if it’s the same in the App Store. You need to read the info of the app.

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Has anyone gottom SuiteMOB from the iTunes store to connect? We use a privately hosted SuiteCRM at 7.2.2 instance. What version is required for SuitetMB support? What URL should we be using? What add-ons or extensions should we install?

SuiteMOB looks good, but no information on their privacy policy, which is a concern.

Yes, you can try TapCRM - SuiteCRM mobile app, a native app andoptimized it for better user experience on iOS and Android. No need to compromise user experience with other hybrid apps. It is the best way to have a mobile CRM app for your Suite CRM system

Yes, Yathit mobile app (both ios and android) work on private server without installing plugin on server. Custom module and additional features (map, contacts import, notification, offline, etc) require subscription