Mobile app integration

Is there any mobile app or possibility to integrate mobile app for suite crm if is this possible then tell me the way

There are apps available, e.g. Yathit or quickcrm.

like how can we integrate with quick crm

docs from the website:

Yathit (in basic mode) doesnt require any configuration, it just works ootb, quickcrm needs imho an addon to be installed in Suite.

so we can also integrate with yathit mobile app to suitecrm

Yes, both apps could do the job.

which is free bascially so we can use it

That you have to read for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find the respective websites :wink:

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Hello @prashiya

Yes, there is a mobile app available for SuiteCRM called TapCRM. TapCRM is a native CRM mobile app specifically designed for SuiteCRM users. It offers a range of customer-centric features that can enhance your CRM experience and help you effectively target and close more deals.

Here are some key features of TapCRM:

  • Check-in, Check Out
  • Offline Support & Auto Sync
  • Customizable Mobile Layout
  • Custom Modules & Fields Support
  • Nearby Records
  • Multi-language Support
  • Get Alerts & Notification
  • Email & SMS Support
  • Insightful Dashboards
  • Add Multiple Attachments
  • Add Call logs
  • Business Card Scanner
  • Field Force Live Tracking

TapCRM is compatible with SuiteCRM versions up to 7.13.3. To learn more about the product and its capabilities, you can visit the official TapCRM product page at TapCRM - Mobile App for SuiteCRM.

With TapCRM, you can take your SuiteCRM data with you everywhere in the most secure way.

I hope this is helpful.