Mobile APP for SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is great and the webpage apply to the screen even on cell phone, but users still request to user separate for better operation.
However I can’t find out any mobile APP for SuiteCRM, anyone can help?

What’s more, SuiteCRM MOB doesn’t work on my android phone, it cannot even open the APP.


May I suggest you have a look at QuickCRM (

The app supports Android and iOS.

There are two versions of the server module required by the app: Basic (free) and Full (commercial)

hi expert, besides QuickCRM, any other suggestions?

thanks, we don’t have budget about mobile APP but basic version is poor of features.

Search the Play Store also for SugarCRM apps, some of them also work with SuiteCRM, I believe. If given the option for either SugarCRM 6.x or SugarCRM 7.x compatibility, you should choose 6.x.

QuickCRM works great for me, and they have been expanding the possibilities of the free version very generously. It now includes many “write” functions that were previously only available in the payed version.

SuiteMOB just got an update TODAY and is looking amazing

best regards

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yes it seems great, thanks.

However, in iOS platfrom it not yet works.

You can also try out Best CRM Mobile App which is supported in Android as well as IOS, Additive to that it also gives you free trial for a month so you can reach out with its best features.

Please also check out a new Mobile CRM App for SuiteCRM (Android) (iOS)

Declaimer: I work in the company.

@kyawtun it’s always nice to know of another option for mobile use of SuiteCRM.

What is our business model like? I see the app is free, are you planning on having a paid Pro version? how much will it cost? Thanks!

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There will be in-app subscription for both iOS and Android for premium features (editing, charts, customization, etc) for 2$/user/month.

Existing customer will also get premium feature without in-app subscription. It is available in site license, which offer more customization, in-premise hosting of license server.

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Ok, thanks. I must say, the app looks pretty good, congratulations.

I am able to edit my records and save them… is it because I am in a trial period? Will I lose that functionality after a while, if I don’t buy the Premium?

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I think you are talking about TapCRM. So for detailed clearity, after completing your trial period, you can’t edit and save the records. Even you will not be able to access app.


For light use, Yathit Mobile App for SuiteCRM provides most features including editing are available without subscription.

Android App:
iOS App:

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I have been using Yahit for several months and can so it works great. I have reached out to them and suggested some UI improvements and they responded and are working on it. I suggest adding a mapping capability but the app is better than most apps on the market now. Great job and keep improving it!


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