Missing fields in Module Builder and Studio 7.1.1 Upgrade

So i upgraded to 7.1.1 and when I continued to work on my custom module and created a field, the fields would not show up on the field list, but did show up edit fields list. Also on the contacts module where I had created tons of custom fields the field list would not load at all.

After some searching I though it might be my upgrade to PHP 5.5

So don’t upgrade, leave it at PHP 5.3

I would love if future builds of SuiteCRM where to support or require PHP 5.5 as I am very excited to see the performance of SuiteCRM with the ZendOptimization included in the new PHP 5.5

I wanted to post this in case someone else had the same issue.

Once I downgraded back to 5.3 all worked as expected. Who knows how many problems I would of ran into if I didn’t notice any hiccups right away.

Love SuiteCRM
Thanks to the building cmmunity for its support.

Hi there,

Support for PHP 5.4.x and 5.5.x is planned for future releases of SuiteCRM.

Thank you for your interest and support in SuiteCRM.



Is there a timeline for these php version supports?

Due to shared hosting, changing php versions breaks other shared websites.

We are running on 5.4.x

Hi there,

There is no set date yet, we will keep you updated.



Is it possible to get a exact requirement list that indicates which settings are needed to have a install that works “flawlessly”?

I noticed that this problem still persist at a clean install locally. Php 5.3.8.

Any ideas as to why this is?

I noticed that I used the wrong field builder. Working as intended now.