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Hi Friends,

I faced a problem after transferring my suite to the new server. Everything is working fine except few icons and buttons images, Buttons are working, but images disappear. I have checked the permissions ( 777) as well and repaired many times. But still facing the same problem. Images are attached. What could be the reason or if you can suggest any solution for that would be day maker for me.


Hi sanjaycrm,

have you try to see the html source page to verify the src attribute of img html tag?!
Have you change the values of config.php file to the new correct configuration?!

You could try to verify also .htaccess file content.

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check the .htaccess file in the root folder of SuiteCRM. That coulf be the cause.

I assume that you have updated all info in config.php and config_override.php (if any, for this latter file).

If you haven’t updated these three files it is normal the things don’t work as they should.

From one of my older posts:

When you move servers you have to perform at least the following things:

  1. Reset permissions, owner ond group (this depends on the system you are on)
  2. Edit config.php and update
    and other references to the old url or folders with the new ones
  3. Update the database information in config.php:
  4. Edit .htaccess and update the references to the old folder
  5. Login as Admin and perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild, possibly more than once
  6. Log out
  7. Reset permissions again
  8. Now you should be able to use it
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Hi Amariussi,

Firstly thanks for your reply, and I want to confirm that should we repeat step 0 on step 6 as well. thanks

Kind Regards

Better if you do it!

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