Missing columns on mobile

I have an install running Version 7.10.33.

It seems that columns are being hidden on List View on all modules on small screens. This is being done via CSS media queries. So, on < 767px wide screens, I can only see a couple columns…

Is this default behavior? I thought it would overflow: scroll the rows on small screens instead of just hiding them…

How do I get the rest of my columns back on small screens?

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@RMN By default SuiteP only shows 2 columns, I think it’s not well optimized for small screen devices.
However, you can create your own custom SuiteP theme and get what you want.

In the below thread, you will get the entire process of adding columns. So please do check it out.

See this post it is helpful to their need How to have a 4 columns layout - #4 by arshath