Missing AOx modules


We do not have many of the modules discussed on this site. We are running SuiteCRM 7.1.4, but do not have:

Advanced OpenSales (AOS)
Advanced OpenReporting (AOR)
Advanced OpenWorkflow (AOW)
Advanced OpenEvents (AOE)
Advanced OpenPortal (AOP)
Advanced Opentheme (AOT)

We installed SuiteCRM about a year ago. What do we have to do to get some of these modules? The documentation is conflicted. Here says the modules are free. Here allows us to purchase the modules.


where did you downloaded SuiteCRM - without these modules - no SuiteCRM …

In the admin Area, there is yet another Advanced Module - Advanced Open Admin and ConfigureTab for displayed and hidden modules.

Is this been forgotten to configure?


We downloaded directly from SuiteCRM. This is definitely Suite and not Sugar.

I’m looking at Advanced OpenAdmin. See here

I’ve also looked at Admin | Developer Tools | Module Loader. No extensions are installed. No modules are listed.

You cant find it in Module Loader - this are still "Core" Modules…

Do you have access to the database? Here it must be present, including the admin panel’s available …

Which modules are available in ConfigTab?

Last but not least would be the personal settings in the user profile.

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Everything available in Modules and Subpanels is displayed.
If ConfigTab means Configure Module Menu Filters, everything appears to be in the menus.
In my profile, under Layout Options, all modules are set to Display.

Oh, and a big Thanks! for sticking with me.

Yes that happens sometimes …

Have fun with it.