Minimum Server / Droplet Requirements


New to the forum and tried searching and also looking on the SuiteCRM website and couldn’t find the answer to my question.

I’m planning on installing SuiteCRM on a Digital Ocean Droplet. What would be the minimum RAM requirements for the server/droplet? Is 1GB of RAM enough?


Hi, since is answering you I’ll try, even though I can only give you generic information, I don’t have experience with your kind of setup.

The PHP memory requirement is 256 MB, but 512 is better. This is for PHP, not for the entire server, and it normally isn’t all used.

For the entire server I usually give my test VM’s 2GB or 3GB RAM. This doesn’t mean they can’t run with less, it’s just what I use. This is Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Of course, none of this talk makes any sense without inquiring about your load. Will you have many users, a lot of data, etc?

Can you try with 1GB, and then increase if necessary?

Thanks for the reply… yeah I’ll try starting out with 1GB of RAM and then move to 2GB if needed. The server will have very low utilization so I’m hoping I’ll be fine with 1GB. I’ll report back my findings so others will have it as a reference point.

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In SuiteCRM , you need to worry about 3 things.

  1. Total Number of users
  2. Total number of simultaneous users.
  3. Total Cron jobs runnings each minute.

As ideal solution , keep 1 CPU Core for front end users and one for backend users.
Same Forumale for RAM , 1 GB for front users, 1 GB for backend Jobs.

Moreover as long your as your DB is growing you will be worrying to raise them annually. or based upon any specific performance report.