Minimum number of characters in the search


How can I make suitecrm search only if there is a minimum number of 3 or 4 characters in the searches?

My problem is that users by mistake can search for less than those characters and end up blocking the system being a very large query.


does this happen to anyone?

The search is managed by a javascript object: sqs_objects

In this object there aren’t option to set the minimum number of character to start searching. But all the query created by sqs_objects should be limited to 30 records. The limit of 30 in the query is just to avoid large resultset.

I think that does not solve the problem.
I have configured in the config.php (I think it was there) that the search string that I put then I add the symbol “%”. So if I just put a character such as the “a”, the string to look for would be “a%” and this can give many results.
If the string to search I type is “%”, the search would be “%%”.

In both cases it would be like doing a DDOS.
That’s why I think that is a bug of the program and there should be some protection against these searches.

Has anyone tried it?
Is there a solution?
what am I doing wrong?