Migration from SugarCRM, some data not showing (accounts, contacts)

Hello all,

Recently I learned about SuiteCRM and I’m trying to migrate from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM.

My old SugarCRM installation was 6.4 pro. After upgrading to 6.5 pro, downgrading from pro to CE, upgrading again to SuiteCRM 7.0 and then to SuiteCRM 7.1, I noticed that Accounts and Contacts aren’t displayed from their own listviews (applies to both SuiteCRM 7.0 and 7.1). When accessing an account or a contact through another module (for example, a lead or an opportunity), the data is shown as expected.

However, when accessing either one of these modules from the reports module, from a dashlet or an app, all data is displayed as should be. All search fields are cleared in the list views. The message displayed by the CRM system is “You currently have no records saved. Create or Import one now.”

Is this perhaps a known error? I’ve did a number of checks (webserver logs, CRM logs in debug mode etc.) and made sure I’m running on supported versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. The logs don’t show any errors. The one thing that makes me wonder: in the SQL queries when displayed using debug logging are joining on the sugarfavorites table, which is empty in my case. If I strip that join from the query and run the query directly on my MySQL instance, all data is returned as expected. With the join in there, it’s not.

Thanks in advance :wink:

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if you are migrating from pro it is likely that there is references to favourites in the searchdefs.php / SearchFields.php of accounts/contacts metadata, you need to manually remove these. and do a quick repair and rebuild

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Thanks so much, that did the trick.