Migration from Sugar CRM 6.5.22 CE

We have a Sugar CRM install version 6.5.22 CE on a debian install that we are trying to migrate to Suite CRM.
We have tried the migration file on the downloads page which gives an error saying it is not compatible with this version of Sugar CRM.
We have searched the forums and tried changing the version numbers which ends in the same error message.

Please can someone shed some light on this or provide us with a link to a migration path that works.

Many Thanks

What is the exact error you’re getting? You can look at the installer code, search for that precise message, to see exactly what is causing trouble.

Sometimes it’s just permissions problems, or PHP version, etc.

The Exact message we get on screen is.

“The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of sugar: SugarCRM system version 6.5.22”

We have read in different parts of this forum that many are having this issue as the migration file provided by SuiteCRM is only compatible with 6.5.20

We have read on several forums that this would be upgraded but nothing has been done for almost year from what we have read.

We really want to move to SuiteCRM but it is looking like this will not be possible.


yes, SuiteCRM migration has been developed only up to 6.5.20. I would recommend to install a fresh copy of SuiteCRM and migrate your content manually, is not that hard, only time consuming.

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We do not mind doing it manually if there were any instructions on how to do this but we have yet to find any. We can not afford to lose data.

Any points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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it depends on how many customizations you have, you need to match the customizations from you current production server to the destination default SuiteCMR server, Fields, Dropdowns, Custom Modules, logic hooks, etc. ones is a complete match in database structure and web structure(modules) you just transfer the content from one DB to the other, and also don’t forget your upload directory.

if you need further help, let’s not waste forum’s space, contact me privately, I’ll help in what I can, i’m not asking for money and I wont.

best regards

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Thank you for your response Mikebeck. We have not made any customization to suarcrm it is the same as when we installed it so all default settings. Its just the leads and sales data and users we need.

I do not know how to contact you privately as I am new on here. But if it is just a straight table transfer in phpmyadmin from one database to another then I do not think we will have any real issues.

Please let me know if I am wrong on that one. Thanks

BTW, I think it’s not a “waste of forum space” if you keep discussing this here in public: if there aren’t any good manuals out there on the Internet on how to do this manual migration, then this post can be a good start!


you’re right pgr, Twiggled let’s start with your system configuration, I don´t use PhpMyAdmin but I can show you other tools. The fact that you don’t have customizations makes this easier.

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Thanks for the Help Guys. In all Honesty I just need to know which tables need moving and to where.

Once I know which tables need to be copied then I can just moved them across.

Or is it not all as simple as that.

We have a LAMP sever so Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP.

Pretty simple setup really on this server. O and like I said we tend to administrate the databases via Phpmyadmin

But if it is just moving tables across from one database to another I know how to do that just need to know what I am moving and to where.

Thanks Again guys


maybe warming up an old topic, but I would really like to know how this story ends: what tables are required to being migrated?

Thanks ang regards,