Migrating to a new Ubuntu server

I’ve just realised my ubuntu 16 server is end of life. So I need to transfer my suitecrm to an ubuntu 20 server. I suspect there may be a few people doing this :slight_smile:

I can’t find a step by step guide, the good news is the source and destination suitecrm servers are the latest release.

I’ve edited the layouts of the contacts and accounts modules though. I also have a lot of call reminders / meetings.

Can anyone offer guidance?



  1. Copy database to new server
  2. Copy SuiteCRM files
  3. Change the array dbconfig in the file config.php
  4. Check permissions
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Hi, Latest version need to match while your migrating.Please do not mix the migration with the upgrade… Please check below link maybe its helpful:)

Thank You

Thanks for that, but could you elaborate a bit.
For the copy could I use mysqldump –u username –p db_name > dump_file.sql for example , then mysql –u username –p new_db_name < dump_file.sql

To copy the SuiteCRM files do you mean a backup as in the “system -> backups” or copy files between the 2 servers?

Where is the config.php I need to edit?

If it’s a new install of SuiteCRM, the same version etc will the permissions be correct?


Thanks vijay, I’ve made sure to match the versions exactly :slight_smile:


I wrote about it:

This is file of SuiteCRM.

I wrote about permission of files on server.

I’ve tried copying the files, but I keep getting permission denied when it gets to /var/www/html/suitecrm/vendor when copying from the source suitecrm to the local drive.

I’m using winscp to copy to a local drive

I’ve added to user to sudoers and stopped apache2. Any suggestions what I’m missing?