Migrating from sugarcrm pro 7.1.6 to suitecrm 7.1.4


we are sugar crm pro 7.1 customers.

We want to migrate to suitecrm.

We have both sugarcrm and suitecrm (7.1.4) installed on our servers.

We want to migrate everything from sugar to suite in order to use suitecrm only.

We have technical capabilities.

Could anyone please tell us how we can do that?

Thanks a lot

As I understand it you have to ask SugarCRM for your DB, then map everything into Suite. SuiteCRM/Sales Agility can assist.

From the suitecrm home page>>>

Does SugarCRM have a self-destruct button?

In a word - NO!!

SugarCRM is little different from Microsoft. You can run it on your own server, but it’s an expensive proprietary application. You never have ownership of the code and moving from SugarCRM’s cloud to your own server is not a trivial, cost-free undertaking.

If asked, SugarCRM will give you a copy of your database - which does make migrating to SuiteCRM easier.

So, if you’re fed up paying large annual license costs for a commoditised business application, you can migrate to SuiteCRM and we can help you do it. Call us on +44 1786 585 499 for a discussion.

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