Migrating from 7.14.3+ to SuiteCRM 8.5.1 versions

  • I am following the migration guide from “7.14.3 to 8…5.1” . I have followed the listed steps.
  • And STOP at : 2.4. Run the migration prepare command (sorry - i don’t have VPS or Dedicated server) just only Shared hosting.
  • How to Run the migration prepare command in Guide Step !
    Thank you very much !

Currently you need command line access to be able to upgrade the CRM to version. There’s no other way to do the upgrade.
You can temporarily buy a Cloud VPS and copy the crm to that server do the upgrade and then copy the files back to shared hosting

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IF There’s no other way to do the upgrade by shared hosting >> … Solution for me, to hire VPS, Thanks @abuzarfaris

It doesn’t have to be a hired server, you can do it locally.

Also, is there really no way to run that command on your hired server? Ask the hosting company about it.

I don’t recommend (really, I mean it) running SuiteCRM in a server where you don’t have command-line access. There are even some free servers that offer it, let alone paid options.

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I have learned these three suppliers, OVHCloud, Vultr and Linode … they have VPS at good prices/hardware and provide experience for new registered . (VPS Script installation by soneone at my Local)
I will upgrade to version 8.5.0 this year, because it is indispensable and the trend of the open source.

Thanks @pgr !

As my question is related:

I somehow read that somewhere in the future there is an assistant planned for migration of Suitecrm 7 to 8.

We are using (and preferring) ESR versions - and therefore are waiting for the first 8 ESR.
A command line update would be fine with me also - but with an assistant available at a later stage i would use the way of least trouble.

Is this info (assistant planned) still correct?