Migrating data to SuiteCRM 7.7

I’ve been working with Sugar / Suite for about 10 years upgrading continously.

At the moment I have a Suite 7.5.3 working as a result of this upgrading process, but there are some things that I would like to “wash off”

  • about 50 Db table unsued
  • some defects in dashboards views
  • useless fields
  • and others

I’ve installed a fresh version of SuiteCRM 7.7 and tried to export/import data and files from all the modules

It hadn’t been very easy, but I succeded exporting and importing Accounts | Contacts | Leads | Opportunities
Unfortunately when I tried to import Meetings & Calls I got a lot of errors and in any case, even for the meetings or calls imported, I’ve seen that the system didn’t link the related contacts correctly.

Did someone have the same experience?
can someone help me?


I know I have previously successfully imported relationships.

Did you include the id field when you were exporting/importing?

Also be careful to import everything in the correct order. For example if the file your importing with contacts contains an account id you need to make sure you’ve imported the accounts before you import your contacts.

Finally I’d suggest running a repair relationships after you’ve imported everything.

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In addition to ewanmcrobert’s precious recommendations I also suggest you to check the database schema which can help a lot when doing the import.

You can find it here:

(OK it’s not complete because it’s SugarCRM, but you get most of it and the rest you can work out on your own)

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Thanks to everybody,
I’m in fact working both importing information and copying content from old tables to new ones

I’ll keep you up to date.