Migrated SuiteCRM 8 Instance not using db connection settings

Hi I’m debugging a suite 8.2 instance

the login keeps failing
after starting the CRM in debug
I believe it is ignoring my db settings
and trying to connect to root over localhost.

where does suite8 store its database settings?

For the legacy engine, it’s in the same place as always, the config.php, but now that file is under public/legacy

Then the one you’re probably missing is the one for the new v8 engine, which is in the connect string in one of your .env files.

how does this connect string work?

Have a look, it’s pretty self-explanatory, you’ll see your username and password there

I didn’t find anything recognizable in there.

I’ll look into spinning up a new instance with my docker image using the db settings I want and check out what gets spat out into that file.

Did you check all files on the root, starting by .env? Including .env.dev, .env.test, .env.prod?

I got it working by generating a fresh copy of the file in a docker compose setup

I also found out my container falls over when echoing special characters into the install command in the cli

I remember writing it to use the flags instead including -n to prevent interactive questions but it still expected input.

I’ll test using the flags again at some point.