Migrated from SugarCRM, needing help.

Hi, our company was using SugarCRM and migrated to SuiteCRM late last year. This was done by our previous SugarCRM support company. They have now not wanted to assist us with SuiteCRM. The migration has occurred but it has not been set up and is nearly unusable. Is there someone that can assist with some basic questions, modifying some settings, upgrading the software, installing additional modules (if needed) etc. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Hopefully there is someone that can answer our questions and head us in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.


The forums are a great place for help. Any questions you may have feel free to ask and people will try and assist as quickly as possible…
Good place to start is are you upgrading from SugarCE? versions, setup environment inc. php etc this will allow people to help much quicker
Have you done any customisation to Sugar? if so how big?

Unfortunately here lies the problem. We are not sure what has been done as the person who migrated us from SugarCRM is not contactable and is not one of our employees. We are looking for someone that can have a look at what has been done and advise us on the next step to sort things out. I hope this makes sense. We have been left in the dark and don’t know where to start with sorting the problem out.

When you say that

What do you mean exactly?

If you wish I can have a look. However it is not always easy to understand if customisations have been made.

How was the migration done?

Do you have a back-up of sugarCRM and the database prior to the migration?

To start you should check:
. -> About to check the installed version
. and Admin -> Module Loader to see if custom modules have been added (this information, though, may not be precise unfortunately)

Further on, finding out hand made customisations is not an easy task because there are different conventional and unconventional ways to customise the system, so much depends on what has been done.

Moving on:
. what do you see that makes the system “nearly unusable”?

If you want you may provide me with an email to exchange private messages and, possibly credentials to try to issue first a diagnosis and then, possibly fix what needs to be fixed.