MIgrate Sugarcrm V 6.3.2 to suitecrm


I need migrate my sugar version 6.3.2 to suite. Has anyone done this?
My version does not have Upgrade winzard.

Thanks for help!

You have to do it in steps.

There is a package here https://suitecrm.com/download to migrate from SugarCE 6.x to Suite 7.6.6.

Then you can upgrade up to 7.9.7 with some more steps. Here are all the possible upgrade files:


Of course you need to seriously backup everything before starting.

This might be a good time to consider starting your new server in a VM.

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Thanks for help.

I downloaded the package SugarCE-Upgrade-6.3.x-to-6.4.6 but I can not install it on the system because it does not offer winzard.
Is it possible to update by command line?

What do you mean “no upgrade wizard”? That version of Sugar simply does not have an upgrade wizard, or did you somehow remove it?

I know there is a “silent installer” option for installs, but I doubt there is one for upgrades, and anyway Sugar to Suite migration scripts are a special case of upgrades…

Maybe you can consider upgrading first up to SugarCRM CE 6.5, and only then migrating to SuiteCRM?