Migrate attachment from vtiger to SuiteCRM

Hi, i got some trouble to migrate my documents from vtiger to suitecrm.

Vtiger do something really weird to tell if a file is attached to an Accounts or anything, and i dont have this information in the export.

I was wondering if someone already did that too, and found how to simply do it. I already know its simplier to import them as notes, and thats waht i want to do, my problem is n*only to keep the relation between docs and other entities. I got 4000 + doc so i would pref not have to do it one by one :frowning:

Sorry for the fast message, im a bit in a hurry and will edit it and rewrite it latter.

Dear, I do not see any answer and I have exactly the same problem, I can’t find a solution. Did you find in the meantime? If yes can you share with me?