Microsoft Graph API Office 365 integration

This suggestion is to create a SuiteCRM core integration with Microsoft’s Graph API, which allows access to Office 365, Users, Groups, Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Files, Taks, People, Notes and more, all from a single endpoint. (Yea, I copied that from

Many users are migrating to Office 365 and instead of installing Outlook simply use the online version. The existing Outlook plugin and even the most recent upgrades to it require that Outlook be installed. There are many problems with this, such as users with multiple machines, software compatibility issues, etc…

The Graph API method of integration eliminates the software installation requirement and allows for more granular access to Office 365 data.

Really, the future for software is for no installed software. So it is just a matter of time before this is a requirement to compete against the big boys.

Think of the possibilities of such an integration;

  1. Automatically synchronize users in SuiteCRM based on Users from O365 (with an Admin account)
  2. Automatically create security in SuiteCRM based on Groups from O365 (with an Admin account)
  3. Sync emails, contacts, distribution lists, calendars, tasks, doc links, etc… (with a User account)

What types of integration would you want?