Messed up my Theme R - What are the defaults?


Our installation of 7.4.3 is now live and someone has had a play and some of the colours are messed up within the template. Some of the buttons are black instead of white, some are blue that should be grey etc… i’ve logged into the demo to compare and ours is slightly weird.

i’ve looked but cannot find a screenshot showing what the defaults for the Colours should be in the Suite R template.

If someone knows where i can look to find the original settings or if theirs are still the default colours, can someone please just do a screenshot of the template page and puts it below that would be really, really appreciated so I can reset the colours correctly. It’s only a little out but it’s weird and really annoying.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Attached is our current set of settings for the theme colours.


I’ve attached the default colours.

Hopefully this helps!


Set them all back and same problems occurred, oh flip!

If you see for example some of the text is white on white. The only way I got around that was by setting Button Link colour to Black 333333 that changed the text to be black on white… but resetting it to the correct colours and doing a quick rebuild didn’t solve it.

So weird I have permissions are 777 on the directories with the owner and group all correct.

Bit stumped now


Could you try:
-Log out
-Clear your Browser Cache
-Refresh the page with a CTRL+F5
-Log back in

If you do that, does it resolve anything?

Hi no.

Tried on Mac and Win7

IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. All cleared out caches etc… logged in and same issue.

For example the inline edit icon is white instead of blue and you can see that in the photo below in the middle the little pencil is just visible as white. If I change Icon Colour to the 3C8DBC colour then that pencil shows up the normal blue colour… But of course that’s wrong isn’t it and yet it seems to work?


if the Quick-Repair does not help in Admin, then check your permissions. Specifically, the folder themes and cache.

Check your config_override.php file in the root of your installation on your server. This is usually where the values are written once they are altered. Removing them will reset your theme back to it’s default values.

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All sitting in the Config Override file. I’ll wipe them out on my test serve first and see, but this looks encouraging.

sorry… I put the details in but it stripped a load out, so I’ve removed them, but there were a load of theme related changes in there.

HAHA nope still have white menus etc… it reset colour but didn’t work on that. Looked good but not quite. I guess short term i’ll have to have slightly dodgy colours in places… I’ll work on it between other stuff