Messed up my email template

I’m using 8.1.2. My System-Generated Password Email and Forgot Password Email templates have messed up. Password generated by system doesn’t work for new users. That is if I ask them to go to url of crm, and not the new user url. I may have accidentally deleted the string/ url.

Kindly share your contents for both, it will be greatly appreciated.

Have a look at the default strings loaded as advanced_password_forgot_password_email.

Then that gets loaded as something called lostpasswordtmpl you can try and figure out how it’s used in the code, that might help.

I did as you suggested, I got 1 step closer. I got the link on the email, and was shown to a page to input username and passwords, after entering both, I was led to a page:

This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address:


Any ideas?


Same error popped up.

Any other solution please?

I don’t have anything else to suggest, sorry.

This would require a local examination which I can’t do from a distance.

Follow-up question, if I reinstall, is there a way to save my already created template, and import it back once a new installation has been done?

Look for it in the email_templates table in the database.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean Quotation Template, if there’s a way to save/ move over to a totally new installation?

I also happen to look at email templates. Can my template issue be fixed from here?

There are only two tables with templates in SuiteCRM, all the templates from all modules go in these two:


ok. You think I can fix my issue by replacing email_templates with a good one?

Why don’t you try it? :slightly_smiling_face:

My solution here is to install a new instance :smiley: Got it working already. Except, I’d like to migrate my pdf template from one database to the other, but don’t know if it’s possible.

Yes it is, just copy the database rows, or create a new template on the new system, even if it is an empty one, and then through the database replace the contents of the template with your old ones,

I’ll give it a try. Thanks @pgr

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