Menu showing current page and menu without dropdown possibility

I have two questions;

  1. at the bottom of every dropdown menu it show the current page as extra link in the dropdown menu
    So if I am working in contact and then hover over any other dropdown menu I will see contacts at the bottom
    Can I remove this feature/bug?

  2. Is it possible to create a normal menu button and not a drop down?
    So can i just add contacts as a menu button without it being a dropdown?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t understand your questions, you’re speaking of which module?

best regards

I don’t see what you mean. Maybe you could post a screenshot?

Do you mean the main top menu that appears on every page? That isn’t showing the current page in every menu.

Here is a screenshot, it’s in dutch, where i opened the page “contactpersonen” (contacts). normally “leveranciers” doesn’t show “contactpersonen”.
“contactpersonen” is only added to the dropdown menu “klanten”. but because I am on the page “contactpersonen” it automatically adds it to every dropdown menu(at the bottom) except for the.

I made new menu’s but it did this with the defaults one eswell.

My other questions is; can I make menu button that aren’t drop down, but buttons that go directly to the designated module/page?


Yes you can change the menu and Show as Tabs.

Go to the User menu / Advanced / disable module menu Filter …

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Hi, thanks but I can’t find User menu anywhere.

I see allot of options at the admin page but no User menu…

Never mind, I found it thx!!!