Menu hidden in english language dont hide in other languages


I have hidden the main menu tabs for a particular role. This works well in english. But when we login in French language, the hidden menu’s reappear.

For example, I have unset all the menu tabs except “support” for a particular role in <include/MVC/Views/SugarView.php>. In English language I can see only Support, but when I login in French Language with the particular role user I am able to see “Sales”, “Activites” and “All” menu tabs.

How can I hide these in French Language also?

Thanks and Regards,

You’re not supposed to customize it there. All your customizations go into the “custom” directory, in order to be upgrade-safe.

I believe what you’re trying to do does not require going into the PHP code. You can just work with Security Groups and change who-gets-to-access-what from the Admin area, editing Role options - see attached screenshot for example of some disabled modules (and their menu options).

This document may help you plan out your groups:

Besides configuring roles for allowing modules access to specific users, you can also customize the items in the main menu, under Admin -> Configure Module Menu Filters.