Member Organizations

FYI to help others save time by understanding the connection between parent and child accounts.

Under Accounts, there’s a subpanel “Member Organizations”. On parent account page, use this feature to add all child account. On child account page, do not use “Member Organizations” and instead use “Member of” under “More information” tab to see your link back to parent.

By default, the max number of entries for subpanel is set to 20. If you have more than 20+ child, you will need to edit list_max_entries_per_page within config_override.php to a higher value.


I would like to review this post. I also have some difficulties removing this subpanel from Accounts.
I used this code: unset($layout_defs[‘Accounts’][‘subpanel_setup’][‘blabla’]); but can’t find “MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS” name… :confused:

You can do it manually by modifying file \custom\modules\Accounts\metadata\subpaneldefs.php

In case file doesn’t exists, you can copy from \modules\Accounts\metadata\subpaneldefs.php to the custom folder and make your modifications there. Make sure you repair in order to see the results


In case anyone wants to understand the concepts, there is this old blog post of mine