Meetings - the Accept Status (accept_status) column is not showing any content in list view (or any views that I add it to)

I have a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.3.1 - when I create a meeting, the list view for Accept Status is always blank, but the db shows the status as accepted/declined/tentative correctly. I have tried all the repair options many times. Is there a workaround please?

If you navigate to Admin -> Drop Down Editor and find the ‘dom_meeting_accept_options’ drop down, what are the labels showing as? Can you send a screen shot?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have attached the screen shot for the question, and also a screen shot for a weird quirk I have found where the accept status has actually worked but only for one user, and only on a local MAMP server, but the same code and db on a CentOS system does not show any status at all for any users.

Having the same issue !
any toughts ?

Issue #743 on github. Its a bug:

@Will @Team
Hey, any Updates here on this Bug? In my 7.11.20 it is always shown als blanc/empty column.
Thanks for your reply