Meetings shifted one hour

A very odd situation:
meetings created by one user (just One stardard user) are showed in others user’s Calendar, Meetings module and Calendar, Meetings dashlet shifted one hour.

How can i fix it?

I see the records in the DB,on the meetings table, at the right time (date_start).
Other Users are: admin user, another standard user with a role that allows him to see every meeting.

Please note that this happens just for 1 user

Hi mayerelyashiv,

Very odd. Can you detail the exact steps(from adding the users and what kind of groups you created) to when the issue occurred, with some screen shots, so that we can log as a bug and attempt to replicate/resolve?



Hi Will Thanks for your answer
This is the Super User Shared Calendar

This is the Super User Meeting List View

This is the Super User Dashlet

This is the Odd User Calendar

This is the Odd User Dashlet

This is the Odd User Meeting List View

And this is what you can see in meetings table

Do you need any further detail?

Hi mayerelyashiv,

Very interesting,

this is one of the reasons why I love my Sugar/Suite, it is never boring :wink:

Are there differences in the time zones?

Hi Wieland,
nice point.

But the two users are from the same timezone.

Maybe i have to check it anywhere in the DB?

PS: even me (admin user), i see meetings of the Odd User one hour shifted

Hi mayerelyashiv,

So if I have understood correctly, then the “Standard”-Users display correctly - only the “Admin”-User is not correct.

This is really tricky.

The db says quite clearly the result.

Your entries as admin user to be displayed properly for you and for others?
What says the timezone in apache server?

If all user have the same timezone, it should not be any different show`s - Admin included…

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Everything is right.

i apologize: the Odd user had a different TimeZone set on his personal profile.