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Hi to all, i’ve a fast question: there is a way to force the required status on the parent_name link field? i’ve tried to put required on parent_type field but actually nothing happends because they are 2 different field. How could i force this?


Sorry, where is this parent_name field?

I can find parent_type in meetings table, but not that one.

that’s the point. there isn’t in the studio a parent_name, just the parent_tipe. But if you go to the create/edit page and inspect the link filed for the account/opportunity/ect it’s called parent_name. And i want THAT become required. Because sometime commercials insert meeting without linking to any, and it’s a useless meeting

I’m sorry, I don’t understand exactly where this is. Can you tell me the exact screen, buttons to press, and where you are seeing parent_name when inspecting?

the field in the red circle, for my crm (7.9) is called parent_name

What is called parent_name is a field on the screen, not in the vardefs or on the database. That is a special lookup field to fill in the relate data from the other module.

So that will go in the database as parent_type and parent_id.

That said, I don’t know how to make it required :frowning:

Maybe one these results…

Create a file in /custom/Extensions/modules/Meetings/Ext/Vardefs/parent_name.php

and in the file

$dictionary['Meetings']['fields']['parent_name']['required'] = true;

quick repair and rebuild.
work smooth

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