Meetings Module - "canceled" meetings

When selecting “Canceled” for the status of a meeting, when viewing the meeting through the iCal feed URL, the “Status” does not show cancelled.

I may have something not configured to make this happen, or perhaps there is some other aspect I’m missing.

The desired behavior is that if a meeting is marked as Canceled in the Meetings module, when viewing the calendar through the iCal URL, it should correctly reflect a status of Canceled.

Any suggestions on how to make this work as desired?

I’m not sure there’s much that can be done here except digging through the code to add this filed to the iCal feed, it’s probably neglected.

What SuiteCRM version is this?

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it! The software version of 7.11.2.

Unfortunately modifying the code for such isn’t in my skill set.

It does seem to have some code for that

Can you see your iCal feeds in a text editor and check if that field “PARTSTAT” is there, and if it is correct? You can try changing it manually to see if it produces any effect (just for us to understand what we need to fix).

Thank you for your reply.

I took a look at the ical feed, and the text “PARTSTAT” does not appear except on meetings where a person has clicked “Accept”, but whether an attended accepts/rejects isn’t really related to the status of the entire event, which is the thing I’m trying to set.

For a meeting which has been set to “Canceled” (or Cancelled, I tried both spellings), PARTSTAT does not appear.

Ah ok. That event-level cancellation status is not there in the code, as I suspected.

This seems to be the only area adding generic event keywords:

This shouldn’t be too hard to customize, if the value you need is present in the $event variable, and assuming iCAL format has some keyword to express this in its specification.