Meetings - Duration is now 30 minutes by default; how can i change it?

in v. 7.7.6 Meetings duration is 30 minutes by default.
Have you noticed?

How can i set this value to get i.e. 45 minutes by default?

are you sure you did not touch the Meeting.php file? because the default is 15 minutes

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Thank you mikebeck, i’ve digged and i’ve found that as you said, in
you can set the default duration of Meetings;

but if you want to change the default duration of Meetings in Calendar, you have to intervene on

This will also change the look of your Calendar:

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This is very strange.
The edit i did: slotDuration:β€œ00:45:00”
in /modules/Calendar/fullcalendar/fullcalendar.min.js
is effective just for user with id==1
Other users (even admins) won’t be able to see time in any timeslot in Calendar (they look empty).