Meeting url into Workflow

Hello SuiteFam,

I have been battling this for the entire day but was unable to make it work. I was able to locate the en_us.notify_template.html file where all the Sugarcrm templates reside and saw the code for accepting meeting invites <{ACCEPT_URL}&accept_status=accept>

The problem I am facing is that I am unable to go full html on the en_us.notify_template.html because I just don’t know how to call my custom fields in the Meetings module so I decided to create an Status of “Waiting Confirmation” and a Workflow that sends a custom email to but I can’t get the ACCEPT link to work.

Does anyone know the correct way of inputting the Meeting ACCEPT link into html for it to work?

Hi James,

The link built in the template will be smarty rather than HTML, which is why you can’t just use the ACCEPT_URL normally. You would need to find out how the URL is generated and if you can do this in a format that can be parsed/changed into HTML format to use in an anchor tag.