Meeting Reminders are overriden by User Reminder Preferences

on a SuiteCRM 7.5.3

when i create a new Meeting or a new Call from the Calendar Dashlet in the home page, the reminders timer dropdown values are overridden by the User Reminder Preferences.

I already tried to disable Ajax on Home in the admin settings.

How can i prevent this behaviour?

I investigated a little bit more: on a 7.1.4 and 7.1.8 istances it works.

On any istance with version > 7.2.x it’s just a Dashlet edit view problem. Values are correctly saved (you cancheck it if you look at the Meeting’s record in Edit or Detail View but are prompted in a wrong way on the Calendar module and on the Home page Calendar Dashlet.

I think this is related to:
If you have no reminders for your Meeting/Call, and in your user preferences you have a reminder default,
one reminder would be added to your Meeting/Call anyway.
(tested on a 7.6.3)