Meeting: Logic Hooks, and subpanels, works in flex relate, but not in specific relationships to modules.

Hello. So i’m cheating and copying code from the internet and stuff but i’ve partially got there. Can someone please take a look at the screenshot.

So I’m in meetings and I want to set it so when I save the meeting it populates the Account subpanel with the account selected, and also the Task SubPanel with the related task. There are relate fields that are for Tasks and Accounts along with the flex relate field.

If we put the Task or Account in the Related To: Field It correctly populates the subpanel for Accounts or Tasks with the information.

But If we put the account or the task in the “Tasks: or Accounts:” fields which are relate fields just for those as opposed to the flex relate field, which I believe are standard fields it does not add them.

So I guess. I need to know what the fields are called to be able to change the script to say when those fields are populated as opposed to just when the flex_relate field is populated fill in the subpanel.

The logic hook and code that works for if it’s in the flex relate are below: