meeting,lead,oprotunity,and call all have residual function for followup

hi every body
I am nirav I want to solve my problem I want to add the residual date and time function on every lead,oprtunity,task,and call
because when the task is on time clear the update filled appear in pending update field so when user can update the follow up the new date and time will appear in the menu so next meeting will be created with the contact so the follow up will be catinued
please give me some suggest to solve my problem

You can use a combination of calculated fields and workflow. Check documentation here:

The other option is to use logichooks:



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thank u for saving me the option is 100% solve my problem I see the hook function will work 100% on my requirement
but one problem is still stand infant of me
them main problem is I don’t know the coding or any language to solve this problem so what can I do