Meeting Confirmation Emails Location

I’ve been able to edit the meeting confirmation email to make the links work properly and add some general formatting, but I’d also like to add the meeting location field. I’ve added {MEETING_LOCATION} to the template file but it doesn’t seem to be grabbing the field. Do I need to define “MEETING_LOCATION” somewhere or have I used the wrong code?



{ASSIGNER} has invited you to a Meeting.



Meeting URL: Meeting URL



Meeting Location: {MEETING_LOCATION}


Accept this meeting: Accept this meeting

Tentatively Accept this meeting
Tentatively accept this meeting

Decline this meeting
Decline this meeting

You need to add things in too, but is recommended to do it in the custom folder

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Thank You!

I noticed the meeting reminder notification includes the meeting location so I’m hoping I can just cut and paste the code that defines it there, over to the initial meeting confirmation! Thanks!

@pstevens when you write

what exactly do you mean? Did you find a bug with the links? What changes did you make?


Yes, the meeting links don’t work. So for example I had to change:




Accept this meeting

and now the meeting links work.

You probably had an old version of the templates lying around. If you check the current version it’s correct, I believe.

About the other file where you found

<p>Meeting Location: {MEETING_LOCATION}</p>

I don’t think that’s going to work… that variable isn’t really getting loaded into the email at all, I checked the code. Can you please confirm that with a test, see if Location appears empty in that meeting reminder notification also?

Then you could try applying Mike’s suggestion: just go into

and add this line at line 635:

$xtpl->assign("MEETING_LOCATION", $meeting->location);

Then test to see if it works. If so, I can fix it in the main app, and so you won’t have to bother to make the change upgrade-safe.

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That’s awesome! Thank you. So

1.I added the line of code you suggested at line 635 in the meetings.php file
2. I added : " Location: {MEETING_LOCATION}
"at line 110 in en_us_notify_template.html (without the quotes)

It works perfectly. Again. Thank you so much.

Oh, PS, I was using an old version of the html file, I had fixed this issue from a previous version, I see it’s fixed in the latest version of the file.

The proposed fix is in

let’s hope it gets merged soon.

pstevens, thanks for reporting and mikebeck thanks for pointing to the precise location of the problem.