Meeting Acceptance Status

using version 7.11 and with meeting invites sent out and accepted, status does now show in the meeting invites. What could be wrong?

I tried the proposed solution from this

but doesn’t work.

Exactly which 7.11.x?

Are the invites updated in the database, but not displayed? This was what was happening on the other thread.

But you might not even be getting the updates.

Check your URL’s that get sent in the email, these need to be right. They depend on some parameters on your config.php (site_url and host_name)

Version 7.11.4

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

site_url is correct. can’t find host_name in the config.php

so far I checked the meetings_users table and I see the invitees accepted, but nothing is showing on the meeting interface itself

This is very weird. It should really be there.

Any way, if your database is updated, that means the URL should be fine since it is interpreted correctly and the update occurs.

So the issue is just a display issue. Is it just a matter of refresh? I mean, if you hit F5 on your browser or re-enter the screen, does it fix it?

If not, please try to figure out in the database, the difference between a meeting that shows well after accepted (for example, accepted directly in the UI by a SuiteCRM user) and one that doesn’t (accepted via email by a contact or Lead). Make sure you check all these tables:


I recently saw a case where Calls wouldn’t show in the Calendar because of a missing entry in table calls_users.