max upload filesize error

I am doing a new install of suitecrm 7.10.9 with php7.2 on a digitalocean server. I am getting an error on the environment check saying I haven’t got 6M of max upload filesize.
My php.ini is set correctly with max upload = 6M and postmax = 8M. This is confirmed when I run phpinfo().
Why am I getting this error?

How are you running phpinfo?

  1. from the command line?
  2. From a separate PHP file you created on your server?
  3. From Admin / diagnostic, inside SuiteCRM?

For the newer versions you need much more than 6M, I would go for 20M.

Thanks pgr. I have run phpinfo from both a server file I created and from the suitecrm diagnostics. Both versions correctly show 6M upload max (I’ll increase filemax as advised soon).

Yesterday I had this problem myself and I realized both these php.ini values are relevant, increase both:


I have increased both to 50M.
I have pushed past the error warnings and installed the system. It seems to be running ok, so maybe a problem with the validation ???
I also note that there a number of online comments re digitalocean servers not recognising upload_max_filesize, so maybe a provider issue.???

The phpinfo that you get from Admin / Diagnostic should be pretty accurate, it’s taken from inside the app, so if you can get the values effective there they were probably already allowed by your provider.

I would go for at least 64MB: Some of the packages have been bigger than 20MB.

I am getting a filesize error trying to upload the 8.0.0 beta.

The actual error is ERROR: uploaded file was too big: max filesize: 60000000

My php.ini file is as follows:
file_uploads = On
memory_limit = 128M
post_max_size = 90M
upload_max_filesize = 90M
memory_limit = 256M
max_input_time = 90
max_execution_time = 5000

And in SuiteCRM admin / system settings I have “Maximum upload size” set to 90000000

Is there somewhere else that I need to change a setting?

I have restarted apache and also rebooted the server a couple of times. I have a phpinfo() file as well and when I pull that up through a browser it confirms the php settings listed above.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot

I also verified that output from the diagnostic tool showed 90 instead of 60 and it does. I deleted the upload files from the cache but that did not work. I tried rebuilding the config file and a quick repair/rebuild but nothing seems to eliminate the error. I have no idea where that 60 is coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciate.


I think you’re trying to put the Suite8 Beta, which is a full install, not anupgrade, through the upgrade wizard, am I right?

You need to start a blank install, from scratch. Later on, an upgrader will be available, but not at the moment.

I was indeed. Thanks a lot. That error was driving me crazy. I still can’t get the beta to install but that is not related to this issue. Thanks again.

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I have problem
Upload File Size Warning: Your PHP configuration should be changed to allow files of at least 6MB to be uploaded.

I’m trying to do an upgrade from 7.13.3 to 8.2.4 with (with 132MB) and I get the same message on log:
ERROR: uploaded file was too big: max filesize: 60000000

I have post_max_size=200MB and upload_max_filesize=200MB on php.ini and 200MB on SuiteCRM admin Max file upload…


Even though this is not related to the exact issue that you are facing
but the way to migrate from 7.13.x to 8.x is not to upload the zip into suitecrm upgrade
Here is the guide to migrating from version 7 to version 8

Maybe I will wait for the upgrade…

You can use the package that you downloaded
Along with guide above (even though it says 7.12.x to 8
The method can be used for 7.13.x as well

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