Mautic - Suite Integration, can you import as contacts?

Hi there, I just got the Mautic - Sugar plugin working (Mautic 2.12.2 and Suite 7.10.2)
I managed to import both leads and contacts from Suite as Mautic contacts.
New contacts created on Mautic import as Leads on Suite.

Q1. Is there a way to tell Suite that I am sending a contact and not a lead?

I am a Mautic experienced user, but new to Suite, I mapped the fields that I considered where important but the list is really long, which fields would you say are the most important to be mapped…

Q2. Which fields are mandatory and need mapping for the plugin to work properly? and other which extra fields would you recommend for practical reasons?

Interested in the answer too.

So 6 weeks have passed and now I know some more…
For my sync I added the Suite fields you can see in the details view to Mautic as custom fields first, then I added some Mautic fields to Suite.

I didn’t check exactly which fields are mandatory, it seems as long as you add the (4) fields that Mautic marks as mandatory and you add Suite’s LeadID and Contact ID you should be fine.

Yosu Cadilla, you can add a field Type in Leads module of SuiteCRM and while sending Data from Mautic, based on the Score of the Contact, the type can be either Lead or Contact. That way the “Lead Type” would define what actually came from Mautic.
You can also automate this in the next step by Creating workflow based on Lead Type. So if a Lead record is created with Lead Type “Contact”, create a new contact record.

With respect to your Question 2, you can find mandatory fields for Lead/Contact by creating new record and just saving it without filling any data. It will point you the fields that are mandatory. Some extra fields that would help you in CRM could be the Contact History or Contact Score Points.

Thank you Cherub!

I can confirm that Suite-Mautic integration “works” and is bidirectional as per Mautic 2.13.
I have conducted many tests and we are about to start using it in production.

However there are a number of small bugs that make it tricky to sync some specific field types (Mautic Points, Suite Booleans, Suite-Mautic Select fields and others)
Also some behaviours are now as expected.

Mautic 2.14 includes some improvements and fixes but I am not using it yet (was out of beta a week ago)

However the main issue with some field types didn’t make it to this release, hopefully it will be included and the integration will be far smoother after that.

Keep in mind that this integration can only sync Mautic contacts to Suite Leads. There is not yet any development (that I’m aware of) for integrating Suite Contacts.