Mautic Integration (Mautic 1.2.4 and SuiteCRM 7.5.1)


I’ve seen some questions regarding Mautic Integration, and it seems there haven’t been too many answers (if any) given on how to setup Lead Push integration.
Follow the four easy steps in the images bellow to get Mautic talking to your SuiteCRM installation.

I assume that you have Admin privileges to your Suite installation, or this may not work for you.

The lack of documentation on how to do this from Mautic is rather appalling considering the level of interest this topic has gotten in their forum.
I’ve verified this to work in SuiteCRM versions 7.4.x and 7.5.1.


Be sure this is very good information.

Yes also check this article i write for Mautic

I feed my SuiteCRM, Mautic and Mailchimp using this method.

Thank you for these clear instructions, It’s been a hot topic “how to integrate suitecrm with mautic”. Two essential open source heavyweights to help with marketing automation and Customer Resource Management. Cheers for that Somertech and warm welcome to you. :slight_smile:

I have followed the steps listed, but receive the following errors in the apache error_log file:

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use object of type OAuthToken as array in /opt/suitecrm-7.8.1-0/apps/suitecrm/htdocs/modules/OAuthTokens/OAuthToken.php on line 305

Not sure how to proceed to resolve.

Tried it, works! But… Mautic wants to map to Suite contacts. I don’t use Contacts only Accounts. Is there a way to map Account details to Mautic records?

I only use name, address, city, zip, phone, email

This Polish company says they have their own integrator ready. Looks very promising. Check this out: Looks like it could the answer to all the issues that we’ve been having. I wonder if there’s a trail version. I’ll be contacting them directly I guess.

Initially I tried integrating SuiteCRM with Mautic but eventually I thought that te two were very similar and I should be able to do everything in SuiteCRM (perhaps with some extra coding).

Out of curiosity, a question for the people in this thread, what do you do with Mautic that you can’t achieve with SuiteCRM?

Those are two differents tools. SuiteCRM is CRM Mautic is a Marketing Automation Software

In my case, i use both SuiteCRM + Mautic
Mautic for marketing statics and SuiteCRM for when the lead is in a particular stage is pushed from Mautic to SuiteCRM to enter the whole CRM process.

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There seems to be some progress in the full integration of Mautic with SugarCRM.

It would be nice to test that also with SuiteCRM to see if works, or if it needs some work. I’m not currently using Mautic so I feel a bit out of touch with this; if any of the people in this thread can try it in a test system, that would be great. Though maybe it’s better to wait for it to be released inside Mautic…

I am very excited for this. We recently got Mautic working in our environment, and it is very promising to be able to manage how we stay in contact with new leads all the way through when they become customers and keep automating communication. We were considering developing a solution to have bi-directional syncing for some areas. We will hold out since it is already being worked on.

Having these two open source projects work together can change how a small business grows!

New to Mautic in the July 2017 update (v. 2.9) is the bi-directional sync with SugarCRM.

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I know they were testing on SuiteCRM also, but it seems to go unmentioned… : - (

I posted a little appeal here

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that was a nice comment -well done

and also good to read there that

“People still using SurgarCRM 6 and those using SuiteCRM can start using this right away.

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Thks I also posted there and agree what said about why not use SuiteCRM one integration there. Why not have 2 options then with the same installation base? One copy for SugarCRM and one for SuiteCRM and both will be visable in Mautic installation.

Hi, I\m getting the same error too, have you got any solution to it.

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Did you solve it?

another soltion would maybe to use a sso CAPI rest solution?

Same here, still getting the same error.

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hmmm ok I would like to use it with new Joomla 3.8 that is released later today but hope this issues also is sorted out. Would be nice to have this solution working really. Hope someone know how to fix it! Cheers!

Hey I’ve got Mautic installed, the API created in SuiteCRM and the fields matched in Mautic.

Quick question… do I then have to import my leads via CSV to seed Mautic, or should the come over automatically through sync?