Mass update - suitecrm

I am trying to change the Mass Update fields in the Opportunities module
Is there a way to configure that part with the fields we need to update?
I get three fields to do a massive update:

  • Deadline
  • Sales Stage
    I need to enter some more field.
    Can someone tell me if this part can be configured?
    Greetings and thank you very much

Have you googled?
" You can add fields into the mass update by enabling it from studio.
For example:
Navigate to Admin > Studio > Contacts >Fields"

is found at: Add field Mass Update

B) not all Field-types have the checkbox ‘mass update’ in Studio.

Text ones don’t.
Dropdown do:
the list of what is allowed is


There is no option to configure the fields in the Mass Update form. To add fields in Mass Update form, need to do some customizations.

  1. Add your field type condition in MassUpdate.php file as suggested path:


First add field type condition in MassUpdate File as below screenshot.

After that add the field html function in the MassUpdate file as below screenshot.

After adding fields html on the MassUpdate form, it will show like the below screenshot.


Hello Jessica 1,
I tried editing the files as per screenshots several times and I must have read the screenshots incorrectly or had a minor typo with an unsuccessful result with each attempt.
Is it possible to get a copy of your edited file?
That would be greatly appreciated!!!
Best regards,