Mass Update form template

Hi! Is there any way to change the form of a mass update frontend? I need to have the fields ordered in the certain way and three-column view of the mass update, as I need to have about 70! fields of a mass update in one custom module. Pleeeease gurus of SuiteCRM - help me!

Welcome @Antozzi

It is possible but definitely not an easy task to accomplish.

Mass Update form is built by a class which is not extendible, that means, SuiteCRM doesn’t expect to look for a custom version of class MassUpdate (include/MassUpdate.php), so you would need to extend all classes which invoke such file (include/ListView/ListViewDisplay.php, include/ListView/ListView.php, include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php), to invoke the custom version of MassUpdate class (to be created by yourself) and finally to override the method getMassUpdateForm.

Good luck!

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