Mass emailing

I’m getting the message “Please select less than 10 records to proceed” when trying to send to more than 10 contact. Where can I edit this limit?

Screenshot attached.

I have never tried, but I assume that you should be able to modify this setting by adding the following line in your config_override.php file:

$sugar_config['email_sugarclient_listviewmaxselect'] = 50;

I put 50, but you can comfortably put any number. However before using a number that is too high I would do some testing because you may have some system limitations that are independent from SuiteCRM.

Please report back if this worked.

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I can confirm that this method works for me.

If you go over your new limit, a warning dialog will appear with the message “Please select less than 10 records to proceed”. The number shown in dialog will not update itself to whatever the new limit is.

Thank you amariussi!