MariaDB version 10.3

Hi All,

We are in the process of updating the server our SuiteCRM 7.10 instance is on.

We would like to use MariaDB version 10.3 on this server, but see that only up to 10.2 is listed in Compatibility Matrix. (We could move to 7.11 branch if that helps but it seems to be the same.)

Is anyone using MariaDB version 10.3 already?
If so are there any issues we should look out for?

Is it likely that a future release of 7.10/ (or 7.11) branch may support MariaDB version 10.3?

Cheers Simon

Hi, welcome to the Community :tada:

I read this recently:

So you should be ok

Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

We will give it a try.

Cheers Simon

Ye sorry about the mix up, I’ll double check and push out a change to the documentation to make sure there up to date.

I didn’t see any doc changes, so I’ve created a PR for this:

I hope that’s OK.

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